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School starts shortly and it is going to be hugely hectic. Providing that goes well, (*hopes*) I'll have next to no time here.

I also did a flist cut and tried my best to be brutal. If I cut you, no hard feelings meant, I enjoyed our time and I hope the best for you ♥

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Writer's Block: Homeward bound

How would you describe your dream home?

It wouldn't be large, it would be cozy and small and have lots of knooks and crannies in it. Small but perfectly formed. It'd be unique and have lots of character, whether I injected that or it's just a old house I don't really mind. It needs to have at least one doorway where you have to duck your head down to get through. It'd have a small bedroom for me, a guest bedroom that I can chuck people in, and a Library. An upstairs library. Here I am talking like a typical Perth girl where having an unstairs seems like Startreck. It'd have a decent view, but not anything spectacular. I'd need an awesome view somewhere nearby where I can walk to; up a steep hill. Views are always better if you tire yourself out getting up to them.

It'd be in a normal part of town - not quiet, but not buzzing either, in between. The kitchen would be away from the front door but still at the front of the house, with a large window looking onto an average sreet (average of buisiness). The kitchen would be small but perfectly formed, light wooden worktops and a sweet tiny breakfast table. The lounge would be more spacious with a staircase going up to the library, which would be the only thing on the top floor because I think like an old fashioned Perth girl, deal with it. I guess I'd need a seperate little dining area if it's just a breakfast table in the kitchen. I wouldn't want an entrance hall, just a little place to store umbrellas and you go around a corner into the lounge. The bathroom would be tiny because who needs bathrooms. With vintage tiles, so I'd actually partly want to spend time in it.

The garden would he HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEE. I like big gardens, I love the outdoors. I'd spend half my time outdoors. They'd be a patio with some grape vines over it and a garden of pretty flowers. A large lawn to do cartwheels on! Lots of shrubbery areas where I can build saecret cubbyhouses. I'm such a child XD With fruit trees! Cherries and Apples <3 With large pretty fences, wooden maybe? I can hang flower baskets from the pavilion! Maybe a hedge? idk idk I'm getting really exited now xxxD :D :D Idealy I could see the stars clearly from the bottom of the garden but I've asked for a lot here already XD WHATEVER, I CAN DREAM~~ :DD
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    Doctor Who; Floating in Space. At least I was before I got exited about house XD
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Writer's Block: Wake up and smell the coffee

Given the choice, would you rather sleep in or eat a delicious breakfast? Is there any food you love so much that you'd wake up at dawn or travel a great distance just to eat it?

LOL I HATE SLEEPING IN. All you do is lie in bed, why would I do that if I could be outside or doing something else? In winter there's more of a point, but I still don't last there long xD

..I wouldn't travel long distance for food either. The taste doesn't last very long (this is what you get when you have to tell yourself not to have sugar xD). I'm a bit of a fail for this question ^^

-hasn't done writer's block for ages-